Character #9

It will interest you to know that a couple of readers of these posts “Characteristics of the Virtuous Woman” have been questioning me as to whether the existence of the Virtuous Woman these days isn’t a myth. “Surely”, I tell them, “Virtuous women exist and their population is going to increase greatly if only you will help spread these truths. The women, on the other hand, are ready to make these characters evident in their lives. The only problem is the unavailability of the information. But by God’s grace it now lies before us all so spread the Good News. God bless you.”

The 9th character of the virtuous woman is that she has a GREAT FORESIGHT: the virtue of seeing what lies in the near and distant future and prudently planning for it. In the Bible,  the five virgins who kept extra oil for their lamps for what they envisaged were greatly praised (Mark 25).

girl2Every virtuous woman periodically engages herself in deep thinking and planning. She does a review of all her works – from business to family life to Christian life. Even when she perceives from her review that her business is good,  her lamp does not go out by night (Proverbs 31:18).

It is said that the world is ruled by men who burn the midnight candle. The virtuous woman spends the night reasoning with God and planning for the next strategy to adopt in other to promote her business, promote her marriage, promote her family, and above all promote her fellowship with Christ Jesus.

Once a while, make time and review your entire life. And if you will invite the Almighty God, He will help you to decide on the next strategy.


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