character #12

Proverbs 31:21 “She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household is clothed with scarlet”.

Snow, just like Harmattan, is part of nature, a season bound to happen within the year. What is left to do is prepare very well to face it head-on. What the virtuous woman does is sew scarlet way ahead of time for each member of her home, so as to be at peace knowing that her home shall be warm whenever the snow falls.

A conspicuous lesson from this is: As the days go by certain situations/ circumstances/ events (like failure, disappointment, difficulties) are inevitable. What you should do, as a virtuous wife, is to prepare the “scarlet” today for such inevitable situation tomorrow. Weave the scarlet with encouraging words, hopeful words and words of motivation. Share your life experiences with your children, bring out the lessons from that movies you are watching, discuss various scenarios. This will equip the people in your home to face the issues of life with wisdom and maturity. They will become immovable, unshakeable, and unbreakable.

So when her son trails an exam (God forbid), or her daughter goes to college and is far away from home, or her husband is heavily disappointed by friends, she is not stressed over the possibility that any will commit suicide or take any other negative action. For she is confident that her family can face 2bfd4be7853725376b6daa6c6d731deaany situation wisely: true overcomers.


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