Character #14

The 14th characteristic of the virtuous woman is that she honours her husband.

Every woman must desire to be virtuous, and the Almighty God shall grant her a wise and faithful man for a husband, just like the Proverbs 31 woman. “Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land” (Proverbs 31:23). The gates was a place where great men and elders gathered to take counsel, judge, and/or make decisions. Let me make it clear that the husband of the Virtuous Woman does not get appointment to sit among elders at the gates on account of his wife’s virtuousness but rather upon the merit of his own life. He was known at the gates for his wise contributions and excellent conduct.

So what then is the relationship between the virtuous woman and her husband being known in the gates? Good question! Now imagine that the virtuous woman’s husband has just finished making a submission among the elders and the old men stood up to salute, the young men covered their mouth and they asked one another “who is he?” And someone answers “Ah don’t you know him? He is Mad. Virtuous’s husband”. Here,  the virtuous woman has become his crown, the icing on the cake making him more popular within the gates. All that they will be left to say is “Oh no wonder!”.

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My lady, if you can picture this you will understand the need to pursue virtuousness with all alacrity. Don’t tear down the reputation he has taken time to build,  add to his honour.

Men, there is work for you too: if you want to marry a virtuous woman then allow the word of God to build you, walk in God’s wisdom. Your mind must be as fertile as the womb of a woman.


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