Character #18

The Bible verse in Proverbs 31:27 is represented with the Hebrew word “Tsade”. Tsade means a small swath: a path. This introduces us to the 18th characteristic of the virtuous woman as a REAL GODLY ROLE MODEL.  

Bible entreats all believers to live lives worthy of emulation. This, has the virtuous woman made manifest in her life and now it has become her very nature. Her current state in life is so charming that it draws others to journey on the very path she has trod. Am talking of A REAL GODLY ROLE MODEL which will eventually lead to a glorious state of “virtuousness” . People have diverse reasons as to who they make their models and why. But let us consider Ruth and Naomi in the Bible,  I believe Ruth did not decide to follow Naomi just out of determination but also due to something peculiar she saw in her (Naomi). Ruth_asks_Naomi_C-206She left everything to follow her path even unto death “… where you die I will die,  and the I will be buried… “(Ruth 1:16-17).

What swath is your life creating and to what end? Let it be your desire and your prayer to forever live a life that will be an example unto others. You might be the only living epistle that someone will read.



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