Praise #1

If you ask me what phrase I’d love others to constantly say to me it is “THANK YOU”. I will not hold it against anyone who thinks otherwise but for me it means a lot. Do nothing else but say thank you and it’s enough for me. However, it is unfortunate that “thank you” isn’t a greeting. It comes as a result of a good deed done.

Someone may be wondering what at all is the reward for becoming a virtuous woman? I cannot say all but I know that the best that a man can do for you is to say “thank you”. 8880501According to Proverbs 31:28-29 the children of the virtuous woman  rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her saying many daughters have done well,  but you excel them all. Beautiful!

It looks too small a reward for all the sacrifices, huh? Were you expecting something else? 😊 Well let me remind you that you have not done more than fulfil a duty that God entrusted into your hands as a wife and a mother. Must a servant be praised for doing what is expected of her?

I know not of a better reward than being eternally adorned in praise by the lips of men. A reward, though not seen (for the things that are seen are temporal but those that are not seen are eternal) yet it will forever be cherished in the hearts of many lives.

A crown of praise awaits you! You will be celebrated for your sacrifices. Keep on keeping on!


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