Praise #2

I present to you the exact words of the virtuous woman’s husband as he rendered his praise “many daughters have done well, but you excel them all”. This is found in Proverbs 31:29. If you are fortunate enough to go through life with a virtuous woman as your partner, please do not deny the lady her praise.

hebrew-music-tambourineMy dear lady, I agree with you that virtuous living is tough, but see, it is possible! Whatever that you are doing, do it as unto God and not unto man.

Permit me to borrow the words of J. H. Hitchens concerning people’s mindset of women. “Women are necessary evil. If there is any mischief you may rest assure that a woman has to do with it. It cannot be denied that the devil employed woman to accomplish the ruin of race; that by her he disturbed Abraham’s home and heart, cast innocent Joseph into prison, robbed Sampson of his strength, brought life-long trouble upon David, seduced Solomon into idolatry, caused John the Baptist to be beheaded and drove Paul and Barnabas from Antioch”. To this I say loudly to all you men and women out there that there still exist a galaxy of pure-minded, consecrated women who lived, are living and will live in the future. Get the veil off your face and search for these treasures.

Virtuous one, may you always be the Virtuous #1 on your husband’s ranking list.


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