(LUKE 1:37)

And the Angel Gabriel said to Mary when she was kind of doubtful of the message he brought her, “Even Elizabeth, your relative, who was said to be barren is going to have a child in her old age. For nothing is impossible with God.

Be reminded that the God we serve and worship with our everything is a covenant keeping God. Enter your closet and make a covenant with him. Once you honour it, He will keep it. He is not only a covenant keeping God; He is a Sayer and a Doer; A Hearer and a Listener; a Pacifyer and a Cleanser; a Friend, a Companion, and a Saviour.

The message this day is simple: If God could make a barren old woman pregnant, a virgin pregnant, raise a three day old dead man to life, how much more your small issues, not even problems, of sickness, joblessness, childlessness, marriage difficulties, poverty, etc.? Like Gabriel made it clear to Mary, (with God everything is possible) and as clear as it is written in the Good Book, you don’t need a Bible Scholar to expatiate it for you.

Make sure your relationship with the maker in all things is right and you will be rewarded greatly with good tidings.

I end with Luke 1:45, “Blessed is he who has believed that what the Lord has said to him/her will be accomplished.” Amen