When God gives you a word

I try to have a regular prayer life. I never forgot to remind God of my request and my seed whenever I paced before His presence in prayer. There are some requests we make before God in prayer but we cannot remember specifically what we prayed for; prayers we make to create a conducive atmosphere over our lives. But there are certain prayers you simply do not forget, these are the prayers you await it’s physical manifestation with great expectancy. Like Hannah’s prayer for a child, like Jebez’s prayer that God changes his name so was my prayer that God gives me a job that pays 2000 cedis. A preacher once said “pray until something happens”, I did my best to water my seed with prayer. 

At a church choir program one evening, as we stood outside waiting for the program to commence, I kept my earpiece in my ears and stood with the other choristers. I was listening to prayer session audio recording from Eternity Network International (ENI) . I can’t really explain because I was involved in the chat with the other choristers but I knew that my inner man prayed with ENI. As I prayed I started to imagine a lot of things. One of them was that I imagined myself and Christ trample over a big gate. Then I saw many rooms lined up so I opened the first door I knew was GPHA, entered and I sat. Then I heared in my ears “the journey to your destiny will start with GPHA”. I said to myself, this is God’s word to me, I will hold on to it until it happens. And even if it is from my own imagination I will charge my God to do this for me. It was too beautiful an imagination to just let go. 

Friends I have learnt that you are so blessed if God gives you His word. Many are His promises to us through prophets and in His word. If only we can cling to them, taking them one at a time and praying it into our lives, we will be so amazed. Think about this “God has exalted His Word above His name”. Shalom! 

To be continued… 



The seed

It was a Sunday, the 27th day of December 2015 when I carried all the money I had accumulated after three months of national service (NSS)  as a seed unto the Lord. I meant business that day to give something that will really cost me as a seal to my prayer; that God should give me a job that pays more than 2000 Ghana cedis after NSS. I looked for a fertile ground (KNUST SCHOOL OF PRAYER) to sow my seed. That day, no appeal for funds were made in church. The man of God just asked us to drop our seeds and offerings on the alter but for me, I was battling out my destiny yes! my future. 

The reality is that finding a good job in Ghana is very tough. Not to talk of the discouragement from predecessors who have completed the same Bsc program I read. I threw the challenge to God and chose to be “stupid” with this for once. Bishop Oyedepo once said “if you are stupid enough to believe, you commit God to perform”. I want these words to be yours today because it helped me to hold on for two years. 

Prayer is a weapon. Seed sowing is also a weapon. 

Faithful is His Voice

When I started my swimming lessons, all that the instructor did was to give me instructions and mine was simply to do. I remember when he was teaching me how to glide, he told me to lean against the wall, push myself and stretch out my limbs. Simple right? He even added that he will lift my head out of the water if I seem to be struggling. But there I stood with so many doubt in my head. What if I am drowning and his attention isn’t on me and so he doesn’t lift me up? Is that how my life will come to an end? Hmmm. I tried to follow the instructions but doubts kept me from covering any significant distance. I was doing it my own way, trying to bring myself out of the water whenever I was afraid but the more I tried, the more I drowned till he comes and lifts me up. Then he will assure me that I shouldn’t fear, he will lift me up if need be. So I resolved to do exactly as he says and I was doing just fine. I did the gliding a few times and he told me to pull the water to my side, stretch my hands again and pull… So I glide, and while my head is in the water he will shout “pull” and I pull the water… “pull ” and I pull the water… when he lifted me out of the water, I was almost at the other end. I exclaimed wow did I just do that!

What’s my point? The pool represents life and my instructor represents God. So long as you live, you have to learn to trust the voice of God. He doesn’t promise no storm but he promises to be with us in the storm. Like my instructor, God need not swim for you, you have to do it yourself. Just trust His voice! The more I disobeyed my instructor, the more I sunk. Many at times we live our lives with our own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”.

I remember asking my instructor “are you sure I can swim by just following your instructions “? Then he said “I have taught many people to swim by this simple method”. In other words, the people I have taught how to swim are a proof that this method works and it will work for you. Dear friends, our God also has proof of many people who lived their lives by trusting solely in Him and became successful. He will do same with you if you obey.