The seed

It was a Sunday, the 27th day of December 2015 when I carried all the money I had accumulated after three months of national service (NSS)  as a seed unto the Lord. I meant business that day to give something that will really cost me as a seal to my prayer; that God should give me a job that pays more than 2000 Ghana cedis after NSS. I looked for a fertile ground (KNUST SCHOOL OF PRAYER) to sow my seed. That day, no appeal for funds were made in church. The man of God just asked us to drop our seeds and offerings on the alter but for me, I was battling out my destiny yes! my future. 

The reality is that finding a good job in Ghana is very tough. Not to talk of the discouragement from predecessors who have completed the same Bsc program I read. I threw the challenge to God and chose to be “stupid” with this for once. Bishop Oyedepo once said “if you are stupid enough to believe, you commit God to perform”. I want these words to be yours today because it helped me to hold on for two years. 

Prayer is a weapon. Seed sowing is also a weapon. 


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