Be still

I asked for job that pays net salary of 2000 Ghana cedis. What does that mean? It means Ghana Health Service was not really my ultimate neither was those private labs that pays 700 Ghana cedis after working 6/7 days a week. I was thinking of the hospitals for institutions like VRA, GWC, GPHA, CMB, Bank of Ghana and the likes. But who will connect me to these companies? I know no one of such influence but God.

By May 2016 I had sent out six application letters for employment. None of these letters was addressed to any of the above listed institutions. Having an eye on certain companies does not mean I should disregard all other available jobs. Getting a job to do is better than staying in the house doing nothing. One step at a time, you know! I just did not want to be staying in the house after NSS.

In June 2016, I was called to attend an interview in Takoradi. It was one of the applications I submitted. I did my best at the interview and weighing my options I was confident that they would employ me. After the interview, I waited and waited and waited and I never heard, even a word, from them. Later, I heard from a reliable source that I really did well at the interview but one key panelist said I look more of academician and so if I get a chance to further my education, I will abandon the job which will not be good for a newly opened hospital. Gush!

What can we do? Life continues! But I learnt a lot, it was my first interview. On and on, NSS was over.


One thought on “GRATITUDE #3

  1. Ephia says:

    Its a wonderful piece………God bless u both and help you in all ur endeavours.looking forward to the next one

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