God can!

NSS was over, job searching mode activated. I contacted one senior colleague about my job search and not long enough he found one laboratory assistant job for me at a senior high School. From medical lab to classroom! But I was willing to do it especially knowing that they are capable of paying a salary of 2000cedis. Come on, a school that receives fees in US dollars only?

One Friday morning he took me to the school for a brief introduction. Luckily for me, they granted me an interview and asked me to start work that very day while they prepare my appointment letter. I was so amazed. So God can simply open a door just like that? The next week Wednesday since my appointment letter was still not ready, I discussed with the headmaster on my decision to stop coming to work until my appointment letter was ready. He easily consented and that was how I ended up in the house again. An unwise decision right?

What’s my point? God can! Without any application letter I was granted an interview and began work in one day. It’s like the Patriarch Jacob planting and reaping in the same year.


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