Gratitude #5

The word He has spoken shall surely prevail. 

So I was back to square one with no job call ups. A relative in Takoradi proposed that I do a voluntary service at GPHA hospital so that whenever there is vacancy I could be considered. I therefore spoke to my project supervisor to write me an attachment letter with his letter head which I submitted to GPHA hospital. ​A renowned lecturer at KNUST once said “if you qualify, APPLY! “. So although I did not have much hope, I applied. 

In mid September,2016 I received a call from an unknown number. I thought it was the school but it wasn’t. The man at the other end of the line asked are you Bernice? I said yes Sir. He said I got your contact number from your SHS mate, do you know who is speaking? I replied no Sir. He said, I was at the interview you attended at Takoradi, I have seen an attachment letter of yours at my office and I want you to write for employment since you have completed school. 

I could not believe my ears! So God can appoint people to ensure you reach your dream. At this point I became confident that God can give me a job at GPHA just as He told me when I was praying. Bishop Oyedepo once said “if you are foolish enough to believe, you commit God to perform “. I BELIEVE!

I pray that God will cause destiny helpers to come to your aid. 


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