His word, my confidence .

The third week of October 2016 was like a jackpot! I first received a call from the school I had been waiting on. The secretary said my appointment letter was ready, so I should come pick it up and start work immediately. I told the lady I was no longer interested. With all the disappointment in her voice she asked a few more questions and hanged up. My phone rang again, when I saw the unknown number, I smiled. My colleagues asked whether it’s from GPHA since we were waiting for an interview call-up. It was rather a man in Tarkwa who said someone at KATH recommended me to their medical lab. I told the man I was not interested so I recommended a friend.

What on earth was I thinking to have rejected these two good job offers knowing that my one-month part time job will come to an end and an interview is no guarantee for a job? I was “foolishly” holding on to God’s word that “I will start with GPHA”.

Friends faith can look senseless at times as you go to any extent to hold God by His word. Just like Bishop Oyedepo said “when you are foolish enough to believe, you commit God to perform”. The next week after the ‘jackpot’, my boss informed me that the other person to replace me in the one-month part time job says he cannot make it so I should continue.

What has God told you? Believe!


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