This blog is made to share our thoughts on the 21st century’s Christianity and Evangelism, and also evangelize to our wonderful friends,which you are one. We also bring to you our sincerest praises, and words of adoration to the Lord almighty God for His unmerited mercies and favors in our lives. More importantly, this blog seeks to give strength to the weak, hope to the hopeless, healing to the sick, light to your path, understanding to the confused, and refuge to the homeless through the Words of God the Holy Spirit lays on our heart. Let’s get talking.



Bernice is one very great woman of God. She was President of The Queen Elizabeth Hall Christian Fellowship (QHCF) of KNUST for the 2012/2013 spiritual year. She is one person out of a million who shares, not only, the word of God, but her life as well. Words coming out of the mouth of Bernice are very few, but so full of wisdom, love, and encouragement. She has agreed to write on this blog due to her willingness and enthusiasm to let others see the light that has saved her from the destructible influences of this material world. In short, Bernice is an epitome of discipline and love. She is a Medical Laboratory Technologist by profession. Bernice loves to, at her spare time, sing praises and worship to the Lord almighty, read, write, and play the piano.

Peter And Bernice

Salt of my life


Atteh is a Geomatic Engineer with unprecedented passion to spread the Good News of Christ. He is one person who believes strongly that God makes his children abound in all aspects of their lives in order to be channels through which others will see His greatness and be brought to Him. He is an addicted reader and writer. Atteh has been involved in several village outreaches organized by his campus church, NUPS-G. He is the brain behind this blog, because he wants to give internet-loving Christians and non-Christians something to read and draw strength from. Laconically, Peter is willing and ready to go the extra mile to spread the word of God, at all times. Love is the greatest gift humanity ever experienced, and it is God. “God is love.” (1 John 4:16)

NB: Make sure you answer the question which happens to be our tagline before you kiss this page ‘bye’: Me and my God today; Is he happy?


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