Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ was taken up to Heaven before the very eyes of His disciples and loved ones. Prior to that, He gave not too long a speech full of assurance and instructions (command) to the whole Christendom through the handful that witnessed His ascension.

And He assured them that He was going to send them a comforter, a supporter, and prime of all the power for the work He was leaving them to continue. Lo and behold, on the day of Pentecost the Helper (Holy Spirit) showed up in the midst of the believers when they were together praying, and they were empowered like Jesus promised and three thousand (3000) more people were added to them.

After the words of assurance, came the instruction to go across the length and breadth of the entire globe to spread the Good News. This command happens to be the last words Jesus spoke to His disciples. As a believer I have taken this command personal and I want to entreat you today to do same and help spread the word, “Jesus is the savior of the world.”

Jesus_Ascension-04I believe not all of us, believers, will have the calling, task, privilege, and the chance to travel from Nation to Nation with the Gospel, but the mere presence of the Holy Spirit in us, and His desires, grant us the enablement and the power to carry and spread the Word as we commute daily.

How ashamed I felt having realized the number of people I sat with each and every day as I traveled in and out of home to work without saying, “Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven.”, and all that I engaged in was go through all that bunch of unnecessary ‘WhatsApp’ messages, might be completely lost. At least four different people on my way in and out of work daily. Estimating this number for five days in a week for a month informs me that I have bypassed a crowd of at least eighty (80) without telling them of my faith in Christ and its saving capability. I have been a very selfish Christian.

Not only have I passed by this crowd without telling them who I was and am, I have not followed Jesus’ instruction to tell the whole world, both far and near, about Him and the message He came to preach. I want to believe I am the only culprit of this ignorance. I could evangelize on social media and it is alright but, one on one evangelism makes the message as real as it is very real to the hearer.

And let me tell you how bad this is. On two different occasions have two of my close pals recounted to me how they have been robbed of their valuables in a ‘Trotro’ by the passengers that sat next to them. Lest I forget to tell you that your, ‘Hello’, ‘Hi’, ‘Bro, sis Jesus loves you and He died like a thief for you to be saved forever. You only need to believe and take Him your savior, and ladder to Heaven.’, will go a long way to save a fellow passenger’s soul and consequently save your valuables.

The first disciples and Christians were not only people who did good and taught others to be good and kind to their neighbours. They had a message, and no matter what difficulties were put in their way they proclaimed it. This same message lies before us today, lets heed to the words of Jesus before he ascended into heaven and proclaim it too.

Lord make me brave to speak the truth at all times. Amen.


Character #15

Some women have been made to believe that they will not have enough time for their husband and children if they get serious with their careers,  dreams, or wealth creation. Many women have abandoned their aspirations with the sole reason of becoming good wives. This mentality, although profitable to those who followed it  is not what the good book teaches. Because the Proverbs 31 woman was a successful business woman and a successful wife. The issue lies with how best a lady can keep her life balanced. Bible says false balance is an abomination and so my fellow ladies let’s invest time to discover how best we can keep all aspects of out lives balanced.

The virtuous woman was an international business woman and yet a successful wife. She began her fabric career with producing flax and wool from her field, then she spindled them into sashes, tapestry, scarlet and finally linen garments.Black woman paying bills online

Her business was very progressive: from sewing for her household to sewing for her community folks and then exporting them to other nations via the merchants. “She makes linen garments, and sells them, and supplies sashes for the merchants” (Proverbs 31:24). Out of her profit she bought a field and started vineyard probably to start a brewery.

So you see? Heaven wants to see you reach your full potential, just be well balanced. There is an adage in Akan which literally translates “If your farms are many you still have to weed them all”. I have said it before; the success of a wife is primarily assessed from her home.
I personally believe that the husband of the Proverbs 31 woman was very supportive in his wife living her dream. So let no man stop his wife from fulfilling her aspirations, support her instead and guide her to live a balanced life.


Character #11

You might have realised that the things that the virtuous woman does isn’t so different from what everyone else does. She just takes it a step further. Everyone can show some level of Generosity and Kindness at one point in life, likewise the virtuous woman. However, if the virtuous woman is to show some kindness towards you, you will also experience the sincerity behind her acts.

The virtuous woman is GENEROUS and KIND.  Instead  of waiting for those who need her assistance to come to her,  the virtuous woman rather looks out for the needy and poor in her society and helps them. “She extends her hands to the poor, yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy (Proverbs 31:20)”.

Don’t be kind to only those who are capable of reciprocating your kind gesture. Let the needs of the less privileged in the society be of concern to you. And don’t go broadcasting how you paid Mr. Somebody’s bills, how you fed Mrs. Somebody’s children, or how you helped Mr. Somebody’s niece break an addiction, etc. The Bible say, don’t let your right hand know what the left hand is doing.

Virtuous one, stretch out your palms unto all and let the whole world feel your kind and generous character.

God bless you.



“We have been together for quite a while as bf and gf. You know deep down that you are the one am planning to marry. But, I don’t know if I am the one on your marriage mind, unless you prove it. Sweetheart, come to my bed now, and as you already know marriage bells will toll later.”

“I don’t believe much of what you said, but I think it’s reasonable. As a proof of my love, I will do as you’ve requested. You have shown your love by spending, not only your money, but time and energy on me.”

What is love without waiting (patience)?

Do not be deceived to believe that offering yourself to him/her for sex proves your love for her/him. What you would be doing by indulging in premarital sex is actually trading your hard earned value (virginity) to a five minute fun for nothing at all.

Bedding now with the intention of wedding later does nothing than put the success of your relationship into the physical and mental realm of impossibility, because there would be nothing to anticipate any more. Rest assured that once the package is opened you are bound to take a bite of it with the least provocation (temptation), especially on a day like today -Valentine’s day.

Life isn’t a rush, and so is love. The one that truly loves waits irrespective of the circumstances. To bed now and wed later is that one mistake that puts the success of relationships in jeopardy. A Life of Valued Endurance (LOVE) isn’t tested on any bed – king-size, queen-size, student size, cradle, whatsoever.
It is however tested on these three things: CARE, KINDNESS, and PATIENCE.

CARE manifests itself in how gentle your needs, as well as that of others are attended to. Care has a lot to do with heartfelt gentleness; gentleness that comes natural, not one that is faked. Be warned, CARE isn’t CARESS, SMOOCH, KISS, or SEX. It is sensitivity to human needs and expression of a feeling of great concern as defined by the dictionary.

KINDNESS and Giving walk hand in hand. Love seeks to liberate through the hands of kindness. And it is an act of kind or charitable behavior. True love manifests itself in the dedication of a person’s energy, time, gifts, talents, etc to the well-being of another person. Kindness is a subset of LOVE: there isn’t LOVE without kindness. Not all kindness leads to the altar, some are just a show of good friendship, be mindful.

PATIENCE. And finally, as they say, LOVE suffers long. To wait and have in focus the beautiful reward of waiting. The encouragement to wed before bed is woven in the fabric of this virtue of LOVE. His being able to wait proves his love, likewise you. Being able to tolerate delay is Patience defined in simple terms. The bedding will definitely happen, but not until the wedding.

All these three traits (expatriated above) come together to form sacrifice, and that is why a lot of people define love as sacrifice. Paraphrasing Ephesians 5:26, we understand that because Christ Jesus loved the church He gave Himself up for it, and so couples must replicate this kind of love.

When someone loves you truly; He is able to do whatever it takes to make you okay (CARE), he is able to give whatever it takes to set you free (KINDNESS), he is able to wait however long it takes to make you happy (PATIENCE).

If he/she refuses to see your love proven on these things, then she/he qualifies herself/herself for the exit. Do not wait a sec LONGER, pack him bag and baggage out!

Look for the above defined traits of LOVE and save yourself the pressure of bedding now and wedding later.



Character #4

“No, I won’t marry her. Why? Because she is not a marriage material”. What are men trying to communicate by this common reason? What kind of lady are they looking for? They are simply after a HOME MAKER. 

The fourth characteristic of the virtuous woman is that she is a HOME MAKER.  She seeks after what will make her home great and puts in effort to let them reflect in the life of each member of her household (Proverbs 31:13)

There she is, in search of how to keep the house in order, how to cook delicious meals, how to maintain unity, how to speak, how to raise responsible kids, how to incorporate the fear of Elohim, how to forgive one another and all the other materials needed to build a successful home. 

When she has discovered these materials needed in making a home great,  she willingly works to make them a part of her life first   (because she knows that no one can give what he does not have) before making it reflect in her household.

My lady, I challenge you to be a HOME MAKER. 



Every virtuous woman is TRUSTWORTHY. As a result the heart of her husband safely trusts her (Proverbs 31:11). The virtuous woman can be entrusted with money, great ideas and plans, representing him at important meetings, valuable documents, children upbringing without thinking twice.

Today, secrecy is crouching into homes because couples cannot trust each other. This ought not be so! As a woman of virtue you ought to build yourself into a tent of trust that all men, not only your husband can safely rest.

How can this character become a part of us? Through the renewing of our mind.  Here is what I do: I have this picture imprinted in my mind “my shoulder is reliable, lean on it”. 

What will you also do?  Do leave a comment.


            John 1:6-9

The Christian task is that of John the Baptist – to point the light, Jesus, to world and follow it. It is often said of Christians nowadays that they are only signposts because they point the way but never follow it themselves. Our task, as we all are aware, is to be John the Baptist of our generation, to point Jesus to the world and follow Him ourselves.

Let’s diligently point Jesus and the kingdom of the Lord to the world and follow it with all humility. John the Baptist, our number one mentor in this regard, was beheaded in delivering this particular task. Do not fear the world, just deliver your God given task whilst you live. God be with us all.