Character #15

Some women have been made to believe that they will not have enough time for their husband and children if they get serious with their careers,  dreams, or wealth creation. Many women have abandoned their aspirations with the sole reason of becoming good wives. This mentality, although profitable to those who followed it  is not what the good book teaches. Because the Proverbs 31 woman was a successful business woman and a successful wife. The issue lies with how best a lady can keep her life balanced. Bible says false balance is an abomination and so my fellow ladies let’s invest time to discover how best we can keep all aspects of out lives balanced.

The virtuous woman was an international business woman and yet a successful wife. She began her fabric career with producing flax and wool from her field, then she spindled them into sashes, tapestry, scarlet and finally linen garments.Black woman paying bills online

Her business was very progressive: from sewing for her household to sewing for her community folks and then exporting them to other nations via the merchants. “She makes linen garments, and sells them, and supplies sashes for the merchants” (Proverbs 31:24). Out of her profit she bought a field and started vineyard probably to start a brewery.

So you see? Heaven wants to see you reach your full potential, just be well balanced. There is an adage in Akan which literally translates “If your farms are many you still have to weed them all”. I have said it before; the success of a wife is primarily assessed from her home.
I personally believe that the husband of the Proverbs 31 woman was very supportive in his wife living her dream. So let no man stop his wife from fulfilling her aspirations, support her instead and guide her to live a balanced life.


Character #8

The 8th characteristic of the virtuous woman is that she is HARDWORKING.


What I mean by hardworking is that the virtuous woman has taken full responsibility of all the duties expected of her, and she’s committed to ensuring that productive results are achieved. To the extent that even when her day had been so rough and tiring, she is quick to folds up her sleeves as soon as she gets home to diligently attend to all her duties as a wife and a mother.

That is when she girds herself up with strength and strengthens her arms (Proverbs 31:17); to get the supper ready,  bath the kids and wash the dishes. Any help on her way to delivering her duties is embraced, but not requested by her.

And let’s not confuse a hardworking woman with a busibody. There is a clear cut difference between the two. The Hard-worker gets the job done without complaint whereas the Busybody appears to be very busy working something but nothing really gets done by her. So it’s a Saturday and Mrs. Busybody brings out the clothes to do laundry, she seem to be scrubbing the bathroom too as well as attending to the flowers in the garden, she promised to deliver a parcel too at a friend’s party. By the time the day is over she ends up getting nothing done.

wp-image-286104283jpg.jpgLaziness is non-existent in the dictionary of the virtuous woman. Never! She does not come up with flimsy excuses  as to why there’s delays in delivering her responsibilities. You cannot be lazy if you have chosen this road of curiousness with me. Let the young man who is choosing a wife be wise and not overlook hard work.

If you are a woman, especially from the part of this continent that I am from (Ghana), then permit me to remind you that cooking is your duty as well as laundry, washing dishes, tidying up the house, bathing the kids and getting them ready for school, some errands, etc. The earlier you gird up your loins the better. 

Come to think of it, what relief it will be if your husband and children take responsibility for some of these chores. On behalf of the virtuous wives, I humbly plead with their faithful husbands to try and help out with house chores. 


Character #7

The 7th character of a virtuous woman is her business-mindedness and her mastery over money. 


Yes every virtuous woman is well vest in the basic principles of business and wealth creation. Whether it be savings, investments, leverage, asset acquisition and/or setting up enterprises, the virtuous woman knows at least the basics. Proverbs 31:16 says she carefully considers a field and buys it; from her profits she plants a vineyard.

No virtuous woman is controlled by money or it’s demands.  “Mmaa ani ne sika”. This is an Akan adage literally translated as “women eyes and money”. It means women love money. I want to announce to you that when it comes to money, the virtuous woman is on another level. The virtuous woman is not overtaken by the demands of money like most women, instead, she controls the “sword of money” with much skill.

My dear virtuous lady, you ought to understand money, how it operates and how you can manipulate it to your advantage and that of your family as a whole. It’s not enough to know, get to work now!


Character #6

In the book of Esther, the Bible gives an account of how Queen Esther arose in the night and provided the “food of freedom” for her people, the Jews. Similarly a virtuous woman rises while it is yet night to provide food for her household  (Proverbs 31:15).

Obviously, am not referring to food meant for the stomach neither am I referring to the time of day. The night hour includes sicknesses, failures, deaths, calamities, unfaithfulness, disobedient children, etc.

Now when these nights engulf a home,  the virtuous woman rises above all odds as a WARRIOR and engages in constant, persistent, effectual, overcoming prayers. She comes out of the prayer room with solutions to every problem. 

The 6th characteristics of a virtuous woman is that she is PRAYERFUL. She overcomes every dark hour by seeking divine solutions in prayer.

On a very lighter note, men need good food. Do your best my lady to cook delicious meal for the family.


Character #4

“No, I won’t marry her. Why? Because she is not a marriage material”. What are men trying to communicate by this common reason? What kind of lady are they looking for? They are simply after a HOME MAKER. 

The fourth characteristic of the virtuous woman is that she is a HOME MAKER.  She seeks after what will make her home great and puts in effort to let them reflect in the life of each member of her household (Proverbs 31:13)

There she is, in search of how to keep the house in order, how to cook delicious meals, how to maintain unity, how to speak, how to raise responsible kids, how to incorporate the fear of Elohim, how to forgive one another and all the other materials needed to build a successful home. 

When she has discovered these materials needed in making a home great,  she willingly works to make them a part of her life first   (because she knows that no one can give what he does not have) before making it reflect in her household.

My lady, I challenge you to be a HOME MAKER.